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If you thought getting a custom essay written was a difficult task, you need to take a look at our features and the various benefits of our services. With highly qualified experts in our team belonging to various subject areas, they offer unique and highly authentic essays that ensure higher grades for you. Students from all over the world studying in America have found our writing services highly commendable and we hope once you have gone through the various benefits of our services below, you too would be convinced of the high quality services that we offer and the great benefits that you gain. Some of the services we offer include essays, dissertation papers, research papers, case studies, term papers, coursework and other writing tasks that are usually given to students.

Firstly, we have a very user friendly website that provides all information and guidance on how to order a writing service. Once the order is placed, we offer all help and assistance on the uploading of files, instructions and guidelines that the institutions has provided the students in the writing of the essays.

Secondly, once all the materials have been handed over to the writers, you are able to track the progress of the work and the status of the order can be monitored. Drafts of the written work can also be noted, but this needs to be mentioned when signing up so that they are made available to you.

The most important factor that students worry about is completing the work well within the deadline limits. And we also undertake emergency work which is completed in 24 hours if needed.  Though every effort is made to complete the work well ahead of the deadline, if there is a concern that needs to be resolved causing an inability to abide by the deadline, we contact the students, though such situation are very rare and far in between.

Getting the completed can be done in two ways. One is to download the paper from the site where it is uploaded in the student’s personal site or it will be sent to the student’s inbox if the students place a request for the same.

Our writers are highly qualified and are experts in their subject areas. However, once the assignment or paper is written it is sent to quality check and then the writers need to work on it if any discrepancy is found by the quality department. Also the students can contribute to the writers’ work by discussing the instructions, guidelines and other requirements so that the writer is able to perfect the work. Such communications are possible by email, online chat and Customer support systems. There is a messaging system that allows you to put up questions regarding the essay which will be answered by the writer as soon as possible.

Though we guarantee complete satisfaction regarding the work, we are also very open to resolving any concerns you might have had with the paper within a period of two weeks. You are welcome to inform us of any changes you might need within that time frame.